I am a researcher (“Chargé de recherche”) in bioinformatics and biostatistics working at the Centre for Computational Biology, a research center of Mines ParisTech and institut Curie in Paris.

My work aims at understanding the cause and consequences of genomic changes and their link to human health. You can find a more detailed description of my research topics here.

I did my PhD (2012-2015) at the MaIAGE unit in Paris’ suburb under the cosupervision of Sophie Schbath and Peter Arndt. The goal of my work was to study the statistical properties of eukaryotic genomes, with a special focus on various mechanism of gene duplication. My manuscript is avaiable here.

After that, I did my first postdoc at the LBBE in Lyon where I studied the evolution of replication origins. During my second postdoc, I worked on cancer genomics in the Evolutionary and Cancer Genomics lab at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicin in Berlin.